Horse Diary

Nugget’s Diary Entry

Can you believe the year is nearly over? I’ve been talking to all of the new friends I’ve made in the last year & they are all sad that their riders will be leaving but they are all so proud of how far they’ve come this year. Maybe they’ll get to see them again next year. I can’t wait until next year when hopefully I’ll get to help some riders too.

So much has happened in the last couple of months, I’m a bit jealous that my friends got to have all the fun & I only got to watch but just you wait until next year when I’ll be making sure I’m out there with them….

Buddy & Hannibal represented us at the State Dressage Champs with their rider’s Renee & Erin. They had to stay away for a whole weekend, I missed them but they did really well winning lots of first places & Hannibal even won reserve champion in his section as well as some special trophy for being the best RDA horse at the comp. They arrived home with new rugs & lots of presents, lucky ducks!

Renee did so well at State that she was picked to go to Nationals! Buddy was jealous that he didn’t get to go with her, he reckoned that he did all the work at state so he should’ve got the credit but I pointed out that it was a team effort & did he really want to stand in a float for 10hrs all the way to Melbourne? We read all about Renee’s adventures & I think I convinced Buddy that she preferred him to this Custer that she was teamed with at the competition (he sounded a bit full of himself). Anyway, Renee did awesome & she came 3rd in the country! How cool is that???

There was also regional mounted games. I got to watch this event since TT hosted it. I like this event better than the last one we hosted, the last one had strange people in clothes that made scary noises but mounted games is fun! There were lots of new friends to meet from the Nepean, Blue Mountains & Richmond centres who were here to compete against Indi, Cheyanne, Chocolate, Ishmar, Hannibal & Buddy. All the riders looked so good steering their ponies around the poles & barrels & everyone went home happy with lots of ribbons.

I know I shouldn’t eavesdrop but I overheard talk that I am getting a new saddle for Christmas. I can’t decide what type of saddle I want but I need to decide soon so I can start dropping hints in time… Maybe I should ask for some toys instead? What do you all want Santa to bring you for Christmas?

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, stay safe over the holidays, have some awesome fun & I can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Luv Nugget