Horse Diary

Cisco’s Diary Entry

Hi Everyone! What a whirlwind this year has been! I moved house, started a new job and most importantly made so many new friends. I have many new horse friends and LOTS of humans wanting to hug and kiss me, sometimes I like to pretend I’m not enjoying it but really I love it!

One of the first horses I met when I arrived was Ishmar. Sadly he passed away not long after, did you know he had been here for 18yrs?! He made me feel so welcome and we played such fun games when he would sneak to visit me when he wasn’t allowed…. We also said goodbye to Buddy who hadn’t been feeling well for a little while. I can only hope to achieve for my riders what they did for theirs, Dressage, Mounted Games, RDANSW Horse of the Year; they were legends!

I took my first step in this goal recently when TT hosted the Metropolitan Regional Mounted Games day. There were horses and riders from Richmond, Nepean and Blue Mountains centres also. I carried two riders around the activities and I even made sure to stretch my neck over the finish line to try and get that faster time. I was so proud of the girls and they looked so good with their pretty ribbons. Congratulations to all of the competitors, now we wait to hear who qualified for Easter Show…

Another new friend I met is Fred. He seems to be the strong and silent type. The humans often comment how they wish we were all like Fred because he doesn’t cost anything to feed and he is always well behaved. I guess that’s why he was picked to represent us at the Bivianos Charity Gala Ball. They put a pretty rug on him and he got to greet all the guests as they arrived at the restaurant. A huge Thank You to Bivianos and everyone who made the night such a success, I wish I could have been there to see everyone all dressed up and having such a great time.

I know I haven’t been here very long but I was honoured to be asked to play a very special role when Playschool wanted come to TT to film a ‘Through the Window’ segment. Did you know that the filming process is very different to how it looks on TV? Lots of different angles, lots of questions, lots of cameras and big microphones but the end result looked so good. Well done to Layla and all her helpers, we’re all superstars!

I was reading a news article last night that was saying it’s looking like we are going to have a wet summer, December especially and the human is already freaking out about the grass growing. Personally, I love grass but the human won’t let me have any. I try to sneak some when we are supposed to be working because it’s just so good! I know it makes my feet sore but it just tastes so sweet. Isn’t it strange that grass is a lifeline to some horses and poison to others? Oh Well, as long as she keeps giving me hay I’ll guess it’ll have to do…

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your support throughout the year. I know I haven’t been here long but I’m sure I speak on behalf of all TT horses. Have wonderful holiday, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again next year for more smiles, more achievements and much more fun.

Luv Cisco