Horse Diary

Honey’s Diary Entry

Hi Everyone!

I just thought I’d introduce myself, my name is Honey, I’ve been here for a little while but I worry a few of you may not have noticed me… you see I’m what some may call ‘vertically challenged’ but I prefer the term ‘tiny but mighty!’

It’s been a long time since I was in training for anything but the last few months the humans keep talking about my ‘training’ and let me tell you it’s the weirdest kind of training I’ve ever come across! Stockings stuffed with rubber (that got a little creepy!), stuffed toys having pony rides (the penguin was a little unbalanced but I have grown quite attached to Shrek…), fake planting fake flowers and fake fruit and veggies – I mean what good are apples and carrots if I can’t eat them??? Apparently all this chaos was leading to something awesome; my first RDA lesson! Children are a lot wigglier than Shrek but their laughter is much more addictive.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday and didn’t melt too badly in the heat.

We had a few new neighbours move in over summer, Hanzi and Ollie were the first to arrive just before Christmas. They spent the whole holiday complaining about not being able to have a ‘proper’ Christmas lunch because the human put them on a diet as soon as they arrived! Apache was reunited with his old friend Cisco. They had lived together down in Canberra and were very happy to see each other. Pablo was the last to arrive and is quickly becoming the class clown!

We tried to do all our work early in the morning before it got too hot and then spent the rest of the day sun baking by the dam and having long afternoon naps, sometimes though it was just too hot so we stayed in bed and drank lots of water and got to know everyone!

I need to congratulate Pancho on being posthumously named Tall Timbers RDA HOTY for 2018. From the water cooler conversations I’ve had since I’ve been here Pancho is somewhat of a legend around this place and definitely someone whose shoes just might be too big to fill but he’s certainly inspired me to try! To Pancho, and all who have left us, thank you for your service, I hope I can do you proud.

Before I forget I should wish Hannibal and Bailey good luck for the upcoming State Mounted Games Championships at the Easter Show! I wish I could go to cheer them on in person but there isn’t any room left in the float so I can only be there in spirit but if you’d like to go and support our amazing riders they will be in the Schmidt Arena from 9am on Saturday 13th April and they’d love to see you there!

As the 2019 riding program gets underway I would like to welcome back our returning volunteers and riders and say welcome to all the newbies. I spend most of my time hanging out in yard number 7 if anyone wants to say hi? Here’s to a wonderful year creating smiles, laughter and many happy memories…

Luv  Honey