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Donate a Horse

Want to donate a horse?

Our horse team members are usually between 12.2hh and 15.3hh, over the age of 8yo and are of various breeds. 

Horses come to us in various ways either as a long loan, gift or through a purchase arrangement following a trial period for the right horse. 

Each horse is fed and rugged twice daily according to their needs and have access to grassy paddocks and any supplements that they may need to assist them in their general health and wellbeing. 

Horses have their feet attended to each 5 – 6 weeks and our barefoot trimmer is onsite once a week. Our Dentist also visits twice a year or as required for dental work. 

Our Vets are always just a phone call away and they are cared for by our experienced staff. 

Potential horses go through a trial period of 6-12 weeks or longer depending on the horse where we assess their temperament and suitability to the work that we do in RDA.