Horse Diary

Bailey’s Diary Entry

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe that the year is almost gone already? It has been full of such highs & some excruciating lows but if I’ve learnt anything from this year it would have to be that if you just keep going you’ll have to eventually come out the other side…

Saying goodbye to one of my best friends was so hard, Yoffie & I had been inseparable for many years & I miss her dearly. RIP gorgeous girl, I will love you forever xoxo

There is always someone worse off than you, we had some guests from RDA Nepean Centre who had to say goodbye to three of their friends at once. Their home was devastated by floods so they had to come & stay with us for a bit while their place got cleaned up. It was fun getting to know them & I hope they are settling back in to their home.

After all that drama I had to pull myself together because I was going in my first ever dressage competition! It was held here at TT but I was still super nervous, there were strange horses & judges sitting at tables in the arena – tables in the arena!!! I stood tall & Renee was all dressed up & guess what! We qualified for the State Champs! Now that weekend was a whole other experience. I had to have a bath for that one…. But seriously, that competition was a lot bigger & Hannibal & I had to stay at SIEC for the whole weekend. I tried really hard & did my best for Renee but boy was I glad to come home! I was shown a photo later of Renee with all our pretty ribbons & Hannibal won the SIEC trophy (again) & everyone was happy so I guess we had a pretty successful weekend.

Following dressage we quickly switched our focus to mounted games, which is a big change but lots of fun. Again this was held here at TT & we were competing against horses & riders from Richmond & Blue Mountains centres. I heard someone say something about qualification event for the Sydney Royal, I’m not sure what that means but everyone was smiling a lot & seemed all excited.

Now, I’d like to think me & my friends are pretty cool, we like to keep up with all the current trends & fashion statements. So a couple of months ago we all decided we wanted to start playing Pokémon Go. When we started to get some new neighbours next door we let them join in too, we were all running around together, having so much fun. That is until all the people started telling us off for too much playing & not enough working. They are all so boring – don’t they know how to have fun??? It was so embarrassing getting told off in front of all my friends, I kept trying to tell her that there was a Pokémon in the flower bed but I just had to let it escape because the fun police were on patrol! We ended up compromising & we will be allowed to play all we like in the holidays which are coming up really soon.

I know I speak on behalf of all my friends when I say we hope you all have a safe & happy holiday & we can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Luv Bailey xoxo