Horse Diary

Karoo’s Diary entry

Hi Everyone!
What a summer it’s been! It got really hard to breathe at the end of last year because there was sooo much smoke from all of the really scary bush fires, some days I could hardly see my paddock mates and my eyes got really watery… I must say a HUGE thank you to the NSW RFS for everything they do, their tireless efforts during those crazy months were amazing & we’d be lost without them!

We have had it all so far this summer, we’ve been blinded by smoke, melted in the heat, dried up in the drought and then Mother Nature decided we should float away in the rain! Did you know that rain makes the grass grow!? It’s been years since I’ve seen this much grass and after hearing so many complaints about the lack of grass and there being too much dust now all the human does is whine that there is too much grass! I don’t understand….

Just as my summer had started I heard someone say they had something important to tell me, I was worried they wanted me to come back to work, I was tired and really looking forward to having a rest but of course I’d be ready whenever they needed me. It turns out they wanted tell me that I had been named TT Horse of the Year for 2019! I was shocked, there are so many amazing horses who have won this award before me and I’m honoured to be considered in the same league as them. Here’s to many more years doing this job that I love.

Over summer we welcomed Spider into the neighbourhood, he’s a pretty cool dude and I’ve already heard the humans repeatedly say, ‘that’s not Honey…’ which I think is hilarious! At least it’s taking the pressure off me and Daphne 😊 I hope he and the others who are starting their RDA journey this year love it as much as I do. If you want to say hi to Spider he’s living next to me in yard no. 4.
Where there is such happy news I hate to bring the mood down but I need to speak of my friend Cisco, he was so much fun to play with and he always let me share his snacks. He laid his head down for the final time last week and he is so greatly missed. RIP Cisco, gone but never forgotten…

Before I go I want to say I know things are scary at the moment with this virus that’s going around, it’s gotten so big that even the Easter Show has been cancelled! Our riders were really looking forward to competing but this is the best thing to keep everyone safe. Everyone here is busy cleaning and I can officially say I hate the smell of disinfectant! We are all worried but if we all stay calm and help each other we will all get through this, but can someone please explain one thing to me? Why is everyone so obsessed with toilet paper???

Anyway, if anyone needs me I’ll be enjoying the fact that summer is finally over!
Take care,
Luv Karoo