Horse Diary

LJ’s Diary Entry

Hi everyone!

Wow! Where do you start with a year like this??? Firstly we hope that you are all safe & well in these crazy times, we definitely been thinking about you all…

Things started fairly normally but just as we getting into our first term routine things suddenly went quiet & everyone disappeared! There were rumours about scary news bulletins & press conferences, the words ‘Corona’ & ‘COVID’ kept getting mentioned but no one actually seemed to be able tell us what was going on.

Everyone just seemed lost, all we ever did was lunge or trail rides, lessons stopped & without them no one knew what to do. We did our best to keep the humans motivated & distracted with our adorable faces & sense of humour – we were worried they’d forget to feed us or something if they got too hung up in Corona!

Some things were kinda normal, we still had to have our pedicures & unfortunately we still had to have our annual dentist visit – Yuk! But at least it’s done with for another year. We also said goodbye to Hanzi when he went home. We were sad to see him go but we all know that being homesick isn’t any fun.

Slowly but surely people have started coming back, volunteers came just to say hi at first, then they started staying longer & leading us around, it’s been nice to see some other faces for once! It’s different though, the people are acting a bit weird & worrying about who touched what lead rope but hey, if it gets our participants back through the gates then we’re all for it!

Some of our Saturday participants we kind enough to throw us a birthday party – all socially distanced of course! It was a bit sad that they weren’t allowed to sing happy birthday to us but apparently one of those scary press conferences said you aren’t allowed to sing in groups… oh well, at least we still got cake!

While things are still a long way from being back to normal, one step at a time will hopefully get us there 😊

Stay safe everyone, we can’t to see you all again really soon.

Luv LJ