Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson – Volunteer Appreciation Award Recipient

On retiring from teaching five years ago I was looking for a new interest and I thought of RDA.  In my teaching career I had some experience of working with children with an intellectual disability as well as those with autism.

I have had enormous pleasure in watching the progress of the children as they return each year.  I started off feeling in awe of the ability of some of the volunteers but watched carefully and hopefully learnt!  I also became involved in other areas such as the Castle Hill Show, Model Railways canteen, barbecues and even cleaning the toilets.  This year I joined the Committee which has given me greater insight into the working of RDA Tall Timbers as a whole.

It is so rewarding to see the progress of children who may initially be unsure of touching a horse and then, eventually, don’t want to dismount at the end of their lesson!  There is also a great camaraderie amongst the volunteers at lunch-time and there is always fun around the lunch table.  Although we come from many background we all seem to blend together and it is all this and more which keeps me coming back each year.