Hi, my name is Burnie Mangano.   I saw an ad online on Seek looking for more Volunteers at Riding for the Disabled, Tall Timbers Centre at Box Hill back in 2014.

After ringing the Centre, I came in on Thursday morning to see Nicole about helping.  I filled out a form, saw a video on what the Centre does and how it works and started in the Thursday class that morning.

I watched from the side line and then with help from Charlie and Leigh I was sidewalking.  By the second class I was leading a horse.  Almost 5 years later I can look back and see that Charlie has helped me lot with the classes and the new mower, which was a bit hard at first but after a few minutes I got it.  Then he also showed me the tractor so that I could help Chanida and Sophie by doing some harrowing of the paddocks, mowing and emptying the poo bins.  It’s good to be Groundskeeper Willie – I’ve had a lot of funny times as well as a few hard times especially helping Chanida with Ozzy getting him up from the bottom paddock.

I got an Award at the Volunteer Lunch –  The Volunteer Appreciation Award!  l almost missed my name  being called out because I did not  expect  to get it, it was a shock!  I was very proud and would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all and especially to my Thursday people.  Also thank you Kerry and Nicole.  THANK YOU!