What was the reason you started volunteering for RDA?

I felt I needed to do something more meaningful with my weekends. I work an office job so no matter what I wanted to be outside. I love horses but also love engaging with people, and at RDA I get both so why not.

What have you enjoyed the most about volunteering?

I have found every weekend really enjoyable and really rewarding. Watching the riders confidence grow over the weeks and months has been really great. The riders who once started off in not wanting to get on the horse to now wanting to be the first one on the horse. Working alongside all of the volunteers and coaches, we all come from different areas, do different things for work or study and are volunteering for so many different reasons but all working together towards the same goal.

Has there been anything unexpected during your time volunteering?

The determination to open up the centre again after the first wave of COVID-19. Learning that I had been tying a rope halter the wrong way my whole life!

Do you have a favourite RDA Horse/Pony?

I have a couple! Apache, I have a real big soft spot for him as he reminds me a lot of my old horse. The first time I was leading him I was told that he would be going off me, so I needed to be calm and confident. From then, I feel as though we work really well together and any session we do together goes really smoothly.  Honey, I love her sass and her little walk. I also feel like a giant when leading her. Any chance I get to work with Honey I will take it, even if its just taking her back to her yard.