ACU Student Placements

We have been given the amazing opportunity to have our final placement here at RDA. Throughout the past 10 weeks, we have worked alongside Madeleine (OT) and Allicia (SP) to create a high school transition program for children with disabilities. In order to create this program, we collaborated with parents and engaged in evidence-based research to ensure our program was going to be relevant and beneficial for the students involved. 

The program consists of 10 topics that address skills students will need when transitioning to high school such as social skills, organizational skills, computer skills and transportation skills. We believe the program will give children the foundational knowledge and skills that will enable them to feel equipped and confident when going to high school. A parent resources booklet has also been created to support the parents’ own transition into having a child going to high school. This has been a very fun and valuable experience for us, and we’ve enjoyed working alongside and getting to know the staff here. We hope that the program continues to benefit children in the future.
Molly Ross & Maya Jayasinghe
ACU Fourth year students