Participant Stories

Regional Mounted Games Day 2019

Chloe, one of our first time competitors, had a great day at the 2019 Regional Mounted Games day!

Over the course of the last few months, I have been blessed with the opportunity to train for and compete in mounted games at the Tall Timbers RDA facility. This opportunity has helped me grow as a rider and cope with my illness, as it provided me with something to look forward to, and additionally helped strengthen my leg muscles.

At the competition, there were friendly and welcoming people of various ages, and we were able to socialise and connect with these people. Tall Timbers also ran a canteen which provided us with a variety of delicious drinks, snacks and sausage sizzles. The event ran for quite a few hours, and it was well set out and the day ran accordingly to plans. The coaches and volunteers did an outstanding job of planning, setting out and carrying out the day. Myself, and many others included had an amazing time and are very grateful to have had the opportunity to compete in the regional mounted games competition at the Tall Timbers RDA Centre.


chloe riding horse


Chloe riding Bailey