Participant Stories

Claire’s Journey

Being Claire’s father can be difficult. She is not my first child with special needs, but she is far and away the most challenging.
She has an overwhelming level of defiance for one so small, and a wide variety of anxieties that all seem to conspire to distract Claire from any task or chore.

When she started with RDA she was very fearful. Painfully so. She was terrified of the horse simulator and didn’t want anything to do with it.  However she does love animals, and horses are no exception. It wasn’t long before she was atop a horse to begin with, and every week she went to new levels. She found the courage to release one hand at first, and then both. She listened to Sophie and the other helpers.

She actually listened.  I was beginning to think those ears of hers were for decorative purposes only.
I finally saw the potential in her. It was proof that she can indeed take instruction. If only I could let her take a pony to school then perhaps they might have an easier time with her.

RDA has been absolutely amazing for her, and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow. Who knows how much potential she can really unlock.