Horse Diary

Pablo’s Diary Entry

It’s my birthday! Well kind of, you see here in the Southern Hemisphere all horses celebrate their birthdays on August 1st (in the northern hemisphere they celebrate on January 1st). Obviously, everyone can’t all be born on the same day but there’s no harm in celebrating twice, right??? We had a huge party with lots of people and photos and games and prizes and cake! Mmmm I love cake… Anyway, thanks everyone for helping us celebrate, I hope you all had as much fun as we all did!
Guess what?! I got to meet a real-life princess! Bailey and I got all dressed up and jumped in the float and got chauffeur driven to Homebush, the human driving whinged the whole way about the rain and the potholes and stressing about getting lost but we made it. I have never been to the Easter show before; there was so much to see! There were people with umbrellas and big machines sweeping the road and I even saw a purple horse!!! (The human explained that it was just shampoo and would rinse off but I still had flashbacks to The Wizard of Oz!) Once we’d had a look around and our riders were mounted we played some games in an arena along with our new friends from Goulburn RDA to show off to everyone then we lined up to meet HRH Princess Anne, she was very nice and spoke to everyone for a long time, it was a little bit hard to stand still for so long but the humans all said we were very well behaved so we must hid our need to fidget pretty well!
How nice is it to finally see some sunshine? Even if it is coming with the August winds. I know everyone is sick of the rain and mud and I am no exception, I don’t like looking like I have cows’ feet because the farrier has to keep cutting the seedy toe out and it feels soooo good to roll without a rug on for a change, I just don’t understand why the human doesn’t find me rolling in the dirt relaxing….
With term 2 ended we said goodbye to our first semester group program riders, as always, we were so proud of their progress and will miss their smiles and energy but now we get meet a whole new set of riders and show them how awesome we all are.
It’s hard to believe we are more than half way through the year already, I hope the rest of the year sees you all happy, healthy and dry… take care everyone!
Luv Pablo