Horse Diary

Cloud’s Diary Entry

Hi Everyone!

I’m Cloud, I’m always hungry (I learnt which yard was mine in 3 days because food is life!) and I can’t believe I’ve lived here at Tall Timbers for nearly 5mths already; gee time flies when you’re having fun! So much has happened but it’s been great fun. I was very relieved to be reunited with my old paddock mate Spark when I moved in, it’s always less scary when you have a friend to help show you the ropes.

Apparently around here we always we start the second half of the year with a birthday party, lots of people came to celebrate with us and I’d like to thank everyone who wished me and my stablemates a happy birthday, the cake was delicious!

When I first arrived, I got chatting with my neighbour about what this place was all about, he seemed like a wise old soul and explained to me that although things might be done differently here and that it can take some getting used to, when you see your riders smile and hear their giggles you realise there’s really no reason to panic about the weird stuff, just enjoy the ride! I only knew Mouse for a few days, but he really knew what he was talking about and from the conversations I have heard since he loved Tall Timbers as much as everyone here loved him! May he rest in peace knowing what a difference he made to so many lives.

Despite my chats with Mouse moving here was big challenge for me, when you’ve had the same job for nearly 20yrs it’s hard to change and it took me a little while slow my brain down. You see, I used to play polo and you have to think very quickly in that game, run quickly, turn quickly and react quickly. In RDA you have to slow down, stop, start and stand around a lot. I guess there are some similarities between the two, my riders carrying and waving things around, yelling and making noises to communicate and adapting and changing in the moment, it’s just that in polo you have to react before you think but in RDA you have to think before you react. I’m ready to slow down and I think I’ll like it here.

Anyway, if anyone would like to say hi, I’m in yard number 2, I’ll probably be eating but if you don’t mind me talking with my mouth full, I’d love to chat!

 Luv always, Cloud