Australia Day Lions Club BBQ Fundraiser

RDA(NSW) Tall Timbers were excited to be the recipients of the Lions Club BBQ fundraiser at the Hills Shire Council Australia Day celebrations at Bella Vista.  Five local Lions Clubs came together to have the people power to cook BBQ food for the very large crowd of people that attended this event.  What a team!

Fran and Karen with ‘Cuddles’ our large toy pony mascot, with all the extras required for our promotion table, took the long way around the park to the food section, stopping at every opportunity for photos with the colourful Australia Day signage, chatted with the Mayor, Peter Gangemi, met many helpful event volunteers until we found the BBQ for our table set up. We were made to feel very welcome. By this time, the wind was blowing extremely hard up the hill and we even had to tie on ‘Cuddles’ Tall Timbers rug plus peg and secure all the Tall Timbers information we had.  The areas filled up quickly with many enjoying the music, family games and activities.  At our spot we had the opportunity to talk with many people.  ‘Cuddles’ worked his charm and made people comfortable to come and chat and had many pats and cuddles from the children.

We had a visit from the very cheeky “Kangaroo Men” who are very tall in their outfits and as it was their first time over to our area, there was soon a crowd taking photos and laughing at their antics and comments.  One or two of the visiting dogs were not sure what to make of them.  We decided to leave before the fireworks and try and carry out everything in one go.  As there were so many people to move between, ‘Cuddles’ did bump a few people especially on the turns through the crowd.  Two police officers saw us struggling and kindly offered to help carry our table and ‘Cuddles’ to the entrance of the car park, much to the amusement of their colleagues.  We had a clear run through the crowd then, following the police! 

Thank you to the Lions Club crew and especially John and Janice, for letting us share this enjoyable day.

Karen O’Neill OAM