Participant Stories


Thank you to Eliza and her mum Monique for sharing their story: Nestled in behind busy Old Windsor Road is a pocket of land where magic is happening. Despite all the housing developments and construction, one property in Gables has managed to hold onto an outback experience like no other. Would you believe me if I told you that every Saturday for the last nine months, I have escaped the chaos of everyday life only to enter a very personal encounter with a horse named Daphne? And in return, Daphne has taken on the task of keeping a physically and developmentally disabled thirteen year old girl steadfast on her back? It’s almost magic in motion. 

Daphne, in partnership with Riding for the Disabled, have helped me achieve my goals of building my core strength and gross motor skills. But they have helped me with so much more. Every Saturday, the staff and volunteers greet me and wait patiently for a greeting in return. This builds my social skills which I can now apply to all aspects of my life.  And another thing. I did not realise that Daphne would help me curb my anxieties. I feel calm when I’m riding her and after I ride her. Even better, after each each ride, my mum and I blast the soundtrack to Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron in the car on the way home. All week, I play back my riding sessions on my iPad and I feel a sense of achievement. Thank you Daphne, and all the staff, volunteers and donors of Riding for the Disabled Tall Timbers Centre. You have given me so many memories and experiences. If you too are struck back by your abilities and need a little help to channel your inner can-do, please reach out to this charity to explore its magic.